Av. del mediterraneo, 96
04648 San Juan de los Terreros, Almeria
+34 627 33 90 24

Algomar Mediterráneo

At Algomar Mediterráneo we are completely satisfied with the result of our work: “Golden Sail Villas”. An elegant and exclusive proposal located between Almeria and Murcia’s coast where you will enjoy the Mediterranean Sea: San Juan de Terreros, one of the most important national tourism destinations that hasn’t been discovered yet by Europeans.

Golden Sail Villas looks for the perfect synergy between architecture, interior design, landscape and confort all adapted to the Mediterranean weather to take advantage of the resources and its amazing views. The architecture is all about pure and curate modern lines that come from minimalism, creating big warm spaces full of light

If you’re looking for a place in the Mediterranean coast, with sea views that represents the perfect example of environmental mindful architecture, Golden Villas offers you and your family the opportunity to enjoy a unique work of art thanks to the attention to every detail and dedication of our team as professional and solid as our firm.

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